About Wadatsumi Restaurant

Starting from December 4, Wadatsumi Restaurant is serving a renewed menu of traditional Japanese dishes mainly featuring “Soba and Tempura.”

We had been nurturing this idea of recreating the time-honored and beloved culture of “drinking at soba restaurants” at the traditional Japanese-style structure “Maruyamacho Sancho,” reminiscent of old geisha district.

Based on techniques of Japanese cuisine acquired over time, delicious appetizers prepared with savory dashi (stock), tempura dishes using ingredients in season, and soba noodles freshly made, boiled and served with dipping sauce full of umami flavors; all are paired with Japanese sake for you to enjoy.

Please taste the best in season, year-round.

Note that Sancho Hanare Wadatsumi will be open as a sushi restaurant in January.


We are reopend from October 1st.

Choicest Ingredients

Dashi (Stock)

Dashi (Stock)

We spare no effort in preparing our dashi from dried bonito flakes of Makurazaki, using the technique of Japanese cuisine for this time-consuming process.
It is the soup for soba noodles with a delicate flavor characteristic of the Japanese food.
The taste makes you want more and more.
The soup for Kake Soba is simply good to the last drop.

Handmade Soba Noodles

Handmade Soba Noodles

Buckwheat flour straight from the best field at the time is selected for its aroma, and for the ultimate smoothness and texture, we serve it as “Ni-hachi” (containing two parts of wheat and eight of buckwheat) soba.
You can experience the whole taste of soba noodles freshly made and boiled.

For Birthdays and Other Celebrations


Horoku-yaki (Seafood/Vegetables Steamed or Roasted in Clay Pot)

Horoku-yaki is a traditional dish served on the New Year and other celebratory occasions.
Using a mallet, participating guests break open the pot lid with words of celebration written on it, to make a wish or offer up a prayer of gratitude.
At Wadatsumi, you can enjoy steamed seafood and vegetables, as well as other seasonal ingredients cooked in the clay pot.
A very festive and fun event to celebrate happiness for everyone.


Message Plate

Your message is written on a plate with chocolate sauce, and decorated with fruits and sweets.
This plate is the most beautiful way to let your precious person know how much you care.

Restaurant / Interior

Relaxing space for 1 person or 2 people.

For 2 to 4 people.

For 6 to 8 people by putting tables together.

Exclusive reservation for 12 people is possible by dividing the room.

Exclusive reservation for up to 20 people using tables in the hall is possible for an event or private party.

The counter accommodating 6 people serves tempura fried right in front.

The counter accommodating 4 people in a private room is located in front of boiling caldron.

We can accommodate different seating arrangements to fit your purpose and needs. Please contact us for more information.

Chef Kenichi Sato

Chef Kenichi Sato

He is a chef who keeps in mind that “one’s kindness of heart shows through cooking the most.”
He visits the farmers and fishing ports to know the feelings of producers.
He learns the depth of flavors through rice growing, miso making and soy sauce brewing.
And from hand to hand, he puts his heart into his cooking.
His endless pursuit of ingredients and skills will continue in order to make customers “feel happy and satisfied with delicious food.”


Hotel Kawakyu in Wakayama
Sous Chef, Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka
Chef, Keyaki Kurosawa in Tokyo
Executive Chef, etc., Nagatacho Kurosawa in Tokyo
Art of soba noodle making learned from Okina Daruma, Mr. Kunihiro Takahashi.

Contact, Reservation

* Required

We are closed on Sundays. Please do not select the date if applicable.

When choosing your seat after arrival, you may not be seated at the counter, for there are only 4 and 6 counter seats available and those seats fill up quickly. We appreciate your understanding.

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